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How can you find a good amusement equipment factory?

Author:netstribe Published Time:2017/6/17 17:19:48

 Children Amusement equipment which one is better.

Net Tribe ten details, to create the most profitable children's industry leading brand!

Safety-dont worried about business

Nets tribe have two national patent,

   Children's amusement product security issue , we cant ignore the problem.

Our project hold the security concept has four main areas:

1, the structural: Nets Tribe design and installation structure to the most reasonable,The most standard, the most professional; product design science, the surface smooth, safe and durable.

2, the bearing : our products, single rope bearing up to 300 kg,Bearing capacity of up to 2 tons per square, so the bearing capacity of the security is not necessary;

3, steel frame: our steel frame had strict standards,Steel shelves must do soft package, 360-degree protection network ;

4, the health: nets tribe product material is safety,

Green health, rope doesn't including any toxic chemical odor and material.

★ Scientific - dont worried about quality

Our products contribute to the comprehensive development of children's thinking, physical senses and social skills,

Enhance brain coordination, thinking and problem-solving skills.

In the processing of play more exercise children crawling, grasping, intellectual development,

Hand-eye coordination, interactive toys, interactive and so on.

★ funny - let you worry-free market!

Naughty for the characteristics of children, net tribe of the product was refined idea,

Many styles, different shapes, different game .rich colors,

Wonderful facilities and play can meet the naughty and in the growth of children's curiosity.Nets tribe to use color and shape to attract children,

Product appearance is weaved of colorful rope.

Product modelis differnent and have a certain expansion of skills,It can arouse children's interest, children's movement and intelligence.

Clever--------dont worried about function.

Nets Tribe implementation of "entertaining", with children curious, adventure characteristics,

R & D to design a rope-type climbing project, to stimulate the participation of children and expand the spirit,Let children to play and study , and grow up in happiness.

★ interactive - so you worry-free business!

Nets tribe will be children's play with the concept of closely integrated parent-child,

For parents and children to provide a platform for experience of the game.

At the same time, let the children and parents play between the interaction, mutual exchange, and even make friends;

And the expansion of play with other childern , enhance the interaction of children.

★Fitness - make your future worry-free!

Nets tribe design can promote children's physical exercise,

jump, climb, drill, slide, swing, roll, shake and other multi-function.  

   Children can running and do physical exercise.

in the running up and down the slide in the process of robust physique.

In addition, it also strengthens children's skills, such as climbing, drilling and so on.

At the same time, behavioral skills is also training.

★ pioneering - let you develop worry-free!

Nets tribe product design focus on children to develop children's thinking skills,

To help them build a good habit model, and be stronger

Brave, independent, positive and optimistic character.

training - let your brand worry!

At present, most families are only children, while the only child is selfish.

Squeamish, weak social and other issues.Nets tribe can provide children with a communication platform,

In enriching children 's life and improve children' s social skills,

Cultivate their optimism, kindness, courage to fight the character.

ornamental - let you aesthetic worry!

Nets tribe research and development of color, hand-made, professional color design.Colorful and beautiful, "rainbow world," the children can explore the world,

Particularly rich in color-sensitive, especially our products,

It can expand the improvement of the children's aesthetic color

                     We set sail with you ...

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