company mission

The black horse of the amusement industry

Net tribe

Following the footsteps of social development, the full implementation of the second-child policy has opened up, and the healthy growth of children has become a topic of widespread concern to the society. The children's play industry has also prospered under many favorable conditions.

In recent years, emerging manufacturers and novel products have sprung up. Among them, Net Tribe has made many breakthroughs in exploration through the colorful rope network for many years, creating a unique rope net paradise project in this industry. Net Tribe has not only led the development of the Chinese rope net paradise industry, won a number of national patents, but also spread over more than 100 cities in China, while being favored by new and old customers, attracted the attention form more people in the industry, and has become a dark horse in the amusement industry.

Mr. Li firmly said: "From the details, deepen the spirit of the enterprise and improve ourselves in order to satisfy customers;  Also to satisfy customers is to achieve ourselves!

Brand idea

Professional, innovative, practical, and sincere, creating a beautiful childhood for children

As a symbol of the high-end quality, atmospheric appearance and durability of the rope net amusement industry, Net Tribe has always insisted on the persistence and love of the craftsmanship and rope material. Of course, we also firmly grasp the characteristics of the times. Therefore, today, Net Tribe also represents the modern direction of amusement development, innovative ideas and the latest design trends. To this end, each of our ropes is strictly controlled, and each color is a very special element for every site. They are also extremely high in safety and beautiful colors, creating a comfortable indoor environment, and also a perfect embodiment of lifestyle and paradise style. It is the eternal philosophy and pursuit of Nets Tribe to continuously improve the children's play environment and ways, create an ecological paradise with nature as its neighbor, and turn love into every detail.

Quality pursuit

Deepen the spirit of craftsmanship

"We know that if we want the company to last for a long time and develop in the long-term market, we must base ourselves on our customers!"

At the beginning of the company's establishment, Net Tribe established the " Craftsman Spirit "  as the company's entrepreneurial spirit. In the process of cooperation with our customers, every employee follows the “Craftsman spirit”. From initial negotiation, production, installation to after-sales, all employees are required to be perfect, and they will do their utmost to serve the customers then bring the best service to their customers.

Mr. Li firmly said: "From the details, deepen the spirit of the enterprise and improve ourselves in order to satisfy customers; to satisfy customers is to achieve ourselves!"

"We look forward to being recognized by more and more customers on the road of future development, so that we will be more determined and more calm."

Brand culture

Brand culture

Your hard work deserves more coronation.

1 Corporate vision: Have great originality to weave the future
2 Corporate mission: Connecting you and me by knitting
3 Team concept: Collaboration, Competition, Innovation, and Win-win
4 Enterprise spirit: Craftsman Spirit
5 Work style: Do it myself, Do it immediately, Do it well, Do self-criticize
6 Talent concept: Give the personnel the stage to let the contributors stand out
7 Core values: Entrepreneurial brands break through ourselves; Innovation spirit strives for development